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chord recognition

"save time and headache learning mysterious chord names"

chordwatch reveals the exact chords and notes you play, instantly detailing names, inversions, intervals, even TAB, all with your MIDI instrument, computer keyboard or just a mouse. Helping you to intuitively teach yourself and learn any chord!

system tray icon

screenshot screenshot

chordwatch dynamically displays the chord symbol in your system tray. So you always know what you're playing, whilst saving precious screen space.

powerful creative companion


scales & modes

"take the confusion out of creation"

chordwatch packs comprehensive chord previews and scale key highlights for over 90 scales and modes, including all Greek modes and diatonic chords. Helping you to easily discover fitting chords and learn any scale! And with the option to mute off-notes, ensure you never miss a note.

TAB fretboard

"fret not!"

chordwatch features a dynamic fretboard that generates the TAB for your chords, providing multiple fingering options along the guitar neck, automatically adjusted for any custom tuning. Making it easy and fun to pick and strum!


ultimate teaching tool.



"play together, wherever"

chordwatch makes it possible to share your piano with anyone. Using innovative low-latency web tech, the exact notes and chords of you and your peers are kept in-sync and in-time. Enabling students, teachers, producers, musicians, and friends world-over to remotely practice, collaborate and play together!

DAW agnostic

"buy once, run anywhere"

chordwatch works great standalone, or with your favorite music software. Built-in MIDI passthrough gives you all the power of chordwatch whilst using the apps you know and love.


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